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Superintendent's Message

Greetings from Rossville Schools!  Thank you for taking a moment to visit our webpage.  We are extremely proud of the staff and the outstanding students we serve.  The district’s vision is to be a preeminent school corporation with high achievement expectations through a student-centered, educator-driven approach involving parents, community, and alumni.  Our staff and students are striving every day to achieve that vision. 

            If I were to use the word ROSSVILLE as an acronym, the results would give a very good indication of our focus.  The “R” would be relationships.  I am duly impressed with the relationships that are built throughout the school community and the fact that students are not numbers on a page or a roster, but are in the process of growing into young adults.  We are pleased to be a part of each child’s growth and development while they are students at Rossville.  We are even more pleased when they exit the schoolhouse gate into the world with a strong educational foundation on which to build a future.  

            The “O” is for opportunity.  Rossville is a small school with limited curricular offerings.  However, the opportunity for students extends beyond the bricks and mortar of the classroom to the expansive world in which we live.  There are numerous opportunities for students to experience the world through the dedicated staff who continually provide a host of experiences enhancing students’ well-being. 

            The “V” would be for vision.  The Board of Education has adopted a vision for the district which was developed by a broad-based committee representing all factions of the community.  This vision will allow us to continually move forward to serve students to the best of our ability. 

            The “I” is for each individual who is connected to the school.  We recognize that not everything is black or white.  We must always do what is best for a child, and sometimes that is not what is popular.  Our focus is ensuring that we continue to move forward in educating the youth we serve. 

            The first “L” is for learning.  Learning is our main focus as an educational institution.  Our professional staff continue to grow along with the students we serve.  We understand that enhancing our skills as educators expands our ability to help the youth we serve. 

            The other “L” is for leading.  We have staff who have been recognized as leaders in agriculture, administration, libraries, and the sciences.

            Finally, the “E” is for everyone.  Everyone plays a role in the success of the student.  Without the parents, staff, and community, our students cannot reach their full potential. 

            Please explore our website and discover some of the components of our school district.  If you like what you see, please take the opportunity to visit. 


Dr. James Hanna