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ESSER Funding Information


Rossville Consolidated School District: Federal COVID-19 Relief Spending

Across Indiana, $2.8 billion in federal funding has been allocated to local school districts to help address schools' COVID-19-related needs.

Rossville Consolidated School District was allocated $1,004,675.92 from three rounds of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding. The amount of funding was based on the District's share of the state's Title I allocation.

Over the last two years, Rossville Schools has planned to strategically and sustainably deploy the ESSER funds to accelerate student learning, support our educators, make a sustainable programmatic impact on our schools, and enhance technologies that facilitate learning and skill acquisition.


Read our full plans here

ESSER I Rossville Consolidated School District was allocated $96,783.85 and utilized the funds to purchase Chromebooks for student use. The District also purchased programs and peripherals to assist teachers' facilitation of online instruction.

ESSER I - $96,783.85
Student Chromebooks $86,783.85
Teacher monitors $5,305.08
Swivel cameras for virtual instruction $3,099.00
Zoom for large group instruction $1,800.00


ESSER II Rossville Consolidated School District was allocated $279,644.99 from ESSER II funds. These funds were used to compensate staff for their extra work performed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the allocation provided for the purchase of Clevertouch boards and projectors, facilitating large group learning. Finally, a video curriculum package was purchased to help combat the learning loss of students.

ESSER II Allocation - $279,644.99
Teacher Stipends - Stipends $33,843.71
Technology Equipment - Clevertouch/Projectors $241,345.99
Technology Software - Video Curriculum Package $4,455.00


ESSER III - Rossville Consolidated School District was allocated $628,043, with an expenditure deadline of September 2024. An allocation of at least 20% of funding is required from ESSER III to combat learning loss. Rossville Consolidated School District's 20% equates to $125,700. The remaining allocation was targeted to facilitate learning by purchasing technology for students and staff. Although Rossville Schools had to allocate 20% toward learning loss, the District plans to exceed the amount by spending a total of $160,930 toward that category.

ESSER III Allocation - $628,043
Expenditures Targeting Learning Loss - $160,930
ILEARN Support $44,000
Assessment Program $41,000
Learning Loss Support $75,930
Technology Upgrades - $468,113
Student Chromebooks  $307,000
Teacher Computers $72,000
Network Refresh $88,113


Through our locally-developed plans, the following three goals were established:

●     The first goal set by our District was to put reliable technology into the hands of our students. Therefore, we have invested a portion of our ESSER allocations for devices so that remote and asynchronous learning can continue to take place.

●     Secondly, with the generous ESSER funding, our District can address learning loss caused by the many months of student isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. We implemented Saturday School, provided a summer school program, and have hired an Interventionist to help target students that need additional assistance. 

●     Our third goal with the ESSER funding was to ensure our infrastructure would facilitate remote, asynchronous, and large group learning. As a result, we have upgraded our computer network, phone system, and teacher computers. As a result, the benefit has been two-fold as it facilitated virtual instruction activities and enhanced face-to-face instruction.

Student and staff learning will be supported in the future by having sustainable updated technology and other infrastructures. The District recognizes that timelines have been established for the encumbrance of ESSER funding. The rounds require encumbrances annually in September beginning in 2022 and will be concluding by September 2024 for the third round of the grants.

Funds are available for all school districts through a reimbursement process for approved expenses in the spending plan: track Rossville Consolidated School District's current uses and reimbursements of these funds here.

For more information on Rossville Consolidated School District's federal COVID-19 relief funding, please contact Dr. James Hanna, Superintendent.