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Dr. James Hanna

     Hello! Thank you for taking a moment to visit our website.  The website is loaded with information about the school and the daily lives of individuals who come together to learn, live, and grow.  The tabs will provide you with detailed components of our school district including staff directories, school and activity calendars, announcements, and other information to aid in the understanding of some of the essential elements of the daily operation.

     What you may not understand and can’t see by reading the text on the page is our commitment to the students we serve and the relationships that are built daily within the school boundaries.  We are extremely proud of the staff and the outstanding students we serve.  The district’s vision is to be a preeminent school corporation with high achievement expectations through a student-centered, educator-driven approach involving parents, community, and alumni.  Our staff and students are striving every day to achieve that vision.

     We invite you to become a part of our great school - a school in which we truly care about each other and desire to ensure students acquire knowledge and skills, build self-reliance, exhibit positive attitudes, and value life-long learning and achievement.  The greatest part of our school is the relationships that are built daily among students and staff. 

     We welcome you to find out more about Rossville Schools.  Read more about us on our website, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or schedule a visit.  If you like what you see, join us for an outstanding education!      

Dr. Jim Hanna