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Unlock the Future

Rossville School Foundation

Grant Application


The Rossville School Foundation is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization whose mission is to Unlock the Future for our children by encouraging and assisting public education in the pursuit of excellence.  The grant is available to teachers and certified staff at the Rossville Consolidated School Corporation.  

Applications must be electronically submitted by September 30.  The successful application will be notified within approximately 30 days and posted on our website.  Grant awardees will be encouraged to present how the funds were used and if outcome was achieved at a future Rossville School Foundation meeting


PROJECT OPPORTUNITIES:   Throughout their careers, most teachers conceive many creative and pertinent ideas which go unrealized due to lack of funding or are financed only by the teachers themselves from their personal resources.  Teachers also often identify program or course deficiencies of which could be met with some extra help or impetus.


SELECTION COMMITTEE:  The selection committee will be appointed by the President of the Rossville School Foundation.  Members of the committee will be active members of the Rossville School Foundation.


PREPARATION OF ENTRY:    Each entry should be electronically submitted on the following Google doc.  The content of the entry form is one of straightforward questions pertaining to the proposal.  All questions should be answered as accurately and detailed as possible. Pictures or other documents may also be attached as needed.  Please only put your name on the cover sheet or you may be disqualified.  

  1. Please click on the button below labeled "Click here to apply for a grant!" or click here to fill out the form.
  2. Make sure to attach any additional documentation to your application as appropriate.  
  3. As part of the application you are required to get approval from your principal.  When you are ready to submit your application. Your principal will be required to contact the Rossville School Foundation via email to indicate approval (or disapproval).  It is vital that the doc is shared with both entities or your application may be rejected.


EVALUATION OF ENTRIES:  The following criteria will be used in judging:  

  1. Is the proposal detailed and accurate?
  2. Does the project have an educational benefit?
  3. Are methods, materials, and activities used in the project appropriate for students who will participate?
  4. Does the project emphasize benefits to youth?
  5. How many youth does the project reach out to?
  6. Were all deadlines and criteria met?

Any questions should be e-mailed to

Click here to apply for a grant!