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Letter Parade and Seniors

Transfer Information

I am extremely excited that you would consider Rossville Schools for your child's education.  Students in our small school are known by name by their teachers, by the principals, by the secretaries, and the by the support staff. Children have the opportunity to establish a solid foundation in the elementary grades, to transition safely through the awkward years of middle school, and to prepare for college, the military or the work force through their high school years. At Rossville schools we strive to equip students with the necessary tools to live a happy, healthy life and prosper after graduation.

The next several pages outline the policies and procedures for the transfer process. However, the best way to understand if Rossville Schools are the right fit is for you and your child to visit. Parents today are given several options when looking at educational opportunities for their children, and we appreciate your efforts to find the best education available. Rossville Schools have a well-established reputation for excellence in academics, in athletics, and in the arts. Our school community continues to have high expectations for all the students we serve. I encourage you to review the attached documents, reexamine the information located on our web site,, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or give us a call at 765-379-2990 to set up a time to visit.