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How to obtain a parking pass

In order to qualify for a student parking pass, the student will need to have a drug testing form on file.  This form is available from the main office if the student needs to fill it out.  After that is done, the student will need to get a car pass form from the main office.  This form requires information such as make, model, and plate number.  

Once this form is filled out, the student will bring it back along with their drivers license, vehicle registration, and $2.00 to cover the cost of the parking pass.  The main office staff will make a copy of the drivers license and registration for our records.  The parking pass will then be issued to the student from our police department.  This parking pass should remain in the front windshield of the vehicle so that anyone could identify the number on it.

I lost parking pass.  How do I get a new one?

Please report this immediately to the front office.  We require another payment of $2.00 to help cover the cost of ordering the parking pass.  

Any additional questions or comments

If you have any additional comments, please contact the MS/HS main office or Officer Joe Mink.